Luxury ring slings for stylish baby carrying
REGION: United States
Sakura Bloom’s extensive collection of ring slings features the most gorgeous, luxurious fabrics in a beautiful colour palate, offering function and fashion, and a fabulous way to parent in your own style. The advantages of carrying baby are well known -- calming little ones and allowing you to keep them close whilst leaving your hands free to get done what you need. The slings are suitable for use from newborn through toddler, offering you many years of happy use, whilst high quality materials and production ensure they’re ready set for daily use. Sakura Bloom slings are crafted of fine, all-natural fibres. Choose between linen, silk, bamboo and cashmere, and between a whole range of colour options. You’ll find a variety of finishes available, but in each case lush textiles meet with a minimalist, modern design making for a flawless addition to your wardrobe. Sakura Bloom slings are designed by the sea in California and made in a coastal Massachusetts workshop. There’s even a range of mini slings for the little mamas and papas!

“A cashmere sling! Now that I would love to wear!”