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Smooth riding kick-scooters to help your bigger kids get around town
Swifty Scooters is a British kick-scooter brand from Manchester. Inspiring the urban adventurer in you, these premium quality kick-scooters for adults and kids provide thousands of miles of family fun outside – and a super-convenient way of getting the crew around town!

The SwiftyIXI scooter for juniors and pre-teens was born from a family of adult scooters that have captured the hearts of commuters, thrill seekers and adventurers. Beautifully styled on the original Swifty, the SwiftyIXI gives the independence and thrill of a bike, but with the bonus of safety on the pavement. It ticks all the boxes for parents who want to give their child freedom without the risks of the road.

SwiftyIXI is adjustable and perfectly proportioned for growing children. 12inch pneumatic wheels provide the smoothest of rides – and an amazing gliding sensation! With so much comfort at hand you can cancel that car journey – and scoot instead! Front and rear v-brakes provide safe stopping even in wet conditions. Mudguards come as standard, ready for any adventure. This is an all-weather, all terrain scooter.

This independent, family-owned company strives to make sure their products are built to last a lifetime, creating a wonderful heirloom product that can be enjoyed every day, and by generation after generation.

“A perfect solution for getting your tricky big kids around town (plus you, and little ones too!)”