Stories, drawing books, dolls and more to inspire creative little minds
REGION: Hong Kong
The BOOK JAR Company is a children's boutique dedicated to inspiring imagination and creative play among children, whilst giving back to the community. From their gorgeous storybooks to their playful doll sets, their lovely dresses to their philanthropic end goal, there’s just so much to love here!

All the products you’ll find are the unique creations of this family run business. The BOOK JAR is the creation of husband and wife team Jeff, a primary teacher and social worker with a knack for storytelling, and Juliana, an experienced architect who adds creative flair as TBJ designer. Together they bring passion and a desire do things differently with inspiration from their young daughter.

The BOOK JAR Company donate 100% of their net profits to the charity, LOVE 21 Foundation, a charity dedicated to supporting the Down Syndrome and Autistic community with health and nutritional programme.