100% hand made baby & toddler shoes
REGION: United Kingdom
The Little Shoemaker handcraft shoes made from leather and suede for children from birth through to four years old. Each shoe is truly unique, since these beauties are hand-stitched - there is nothing synthetic involved in the production process, nor in the materials used. In fact, from the from the design, the pattern cutting & stitching, to final completion & construction, the shoes don't leave the hands of Kevin, The Little Shoemaker, at all!
This boutique was begun by Kevin - father, artist and shoemaker; when he sought shoes for his own child and found disappointment in both the styles and the quality available. These shoes are contemporary in their ‘design’ yet ‘vintage’ in style. You won’t find flashy embellishment, these shoes are beautifully simple yet stylish and designed to care for those precious little feet.