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Wooden toys created from a love of nature, for the happiness of children
Wooden Story make beautiful toys and furniture inspired by nature. Knowing that nature provides happiness, this brand stays as close to the earth as possible, using only the most natural materials in their creations.

Exclusively made of FSC Certified wood, beeswax and botanical oils are used to give a soft, polished finish. Many toys rely on the natural tones of various wood types to add colour to different elements, others are coloured with all-natural eco-certified paints free of all harmful chemicals. Their eco-friendly packaging is designed to have a new life once it has served the original purpose.

The range includes the most beautiful blocks for endless creative play, iconic stacking toys, shape sorters, teethers, cars, and prams, as well as storage crates. There is also a range of children’s furniture – chairs, a desk, table beds – all equally stunning!

Wooden Story is a part of a three-generations-old Polish family business. Gosia and Wiesiek’s Grandfather first crafted wooden toys back in 1969. Their surname, Borowy, is the name of a male woodland spirit in Slavic mythology who protects wild and forests.

Gosia and Wiesiek like to say that the toys came to them from the nearby forest; they retain the smell and carry the sound of wind. Their creations are designed to allow generations of children to connect with nature and develop a lifetime of respect for our environment. You can feel the love that goes into each piece.

“I am impressed with everything I’ve seen in their collection of toys — our basket of wooden blocks has become one of the most played with item in our house!”


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