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Original, colourful robes and more to help you feel special and super comfortable in the home
Yellow Meadow is a small family brand offering beautiful, colourful, unique homewear. The creation of sisters Marta and Barbara, this brand believes that the most important things in our lives happen at home – so they want women to feel wonderful in their most comfortable of items.

Their range of kimono-style robes combine original patterns, natural fabrics and the highest quality of workmanship in a slow fashion concept. The dressing gowns are notable for the amazing colours and striking designs used throughout. Inspired by nature and art, illustrations by Anna Stefańska are the beginning of an artistic journey that sees many hours spent putting the jigsaw pieces together, looking for the most fabulous combinations of colours to create a unique pattern.

These robes are also notable for their feel. The natural bamboo fabric used throughout is ultra-soft and ultra-comfortable. It absorbs moisture, neutralises odours, is antibacterial and anti-allergic – perfect for mums!

You’ll find a matching range of super soft bamboo swaddles for little ones. Featuring the same designs, they are the perfect complement to mama’s kimono. Lightweight, breathable, irresistibly soft against your baby's skin; they’re an ideal, cosy match.

Yellow Meadow place great emphasis on sustainable production, creating a quality product and treating all with respect. The entire process of creation takes place locally in Poland, from the creation of patterns, through fabric printing, to sewing in a little local sewing facility in Warsaw.

“What an amazing present these would make for a mama! (Especially with the matching swaddle!)”


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